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Staff Spotlight: Bringing Good Will to All

One might call Will Leidecker our Staff Accountant in Finance. We like to call him our friend.

Where’s home?
Branson, Missouri

What are some of your hobbies?
I enjoy rock climbing, canoeing and camping. Right now, I’m also reading a friend’s book and helping another one of my buddies fix up a bus. You know…normal bachelor stuff.

What’s one of your favorite places in Springfield?
Cherry Picker Package X Fare is a local coffee shop cafe with a cool vibe. They even have fire pits. It’s a great spot to hang out on the weekends.

Do you have any good stories?
I once traveled to Nicaragua to build houses and drill wells. I also went with my friend Marvin, who works with gang members, to visit a prison there. One of the prisoners gave me a bracelet made from a plastic bag. I wear it to remember the people and memories I made on that trip.

Why do you love your job?
My team is great. They want to make everything better, so they listen to what I have to say. I wanted to do something impactful with my career, and I can do that here.

Here’s a co-worker compliment:
Will’s ninja-like CPA skills keep us all afloat and moving steady. He works well with others and shares. He shows the hallmark sign of a truly great accountant, as his desk is often as messy as mine.

I think I can speak for the entire organization when I say we’re glad Will’s on the accounting team, where everybody counts!

~ Jon Krepinevich
Divisional Finance Director

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Staff Spotlight

Kellen’s Story — From Impoverished to Empowered

Kellen Msseemmaa has been with Convoy of Hope in Tanzania since 2013 as the Director of Empowered Girls.

Kellen was born and raised in Uganda and experienced poverty firsthand as the firstborn of six children. They often only had one meal a day or sometimes — nothing at all. See how her passion for empowering girls has transformed countless lives!

Tell us about your background.

Girls were seen as an income, but I never accepted the negativity around me. I knew learning was the only way out of poverty so I worked and studied hard to become a teacher.

Why is Women’s Empowerment so important?

Through the program, women don’t just receive money — they are trained to become good entrepreneurs. They become self-sufficient and are able to feed their children.

You launched the Empowered Girls program. What was your motivation behind that?

As a teacher, I noticed many girls would stop attending classes because they were getting pregnant. From that, I had the idea to start Empowered Girls to teach all young women they have value.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The programs really work. The young girls dream of becoming doctors, engineers and scientists — women who can change the world. That’s my best part.

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Staff Spotlight