A volunteer phone call

To work with volunteers at Convoy of Hope is to daily dive into phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook messages, tweets etc. A red light on my desk phone is a nearly constant reminder of messages and missed calls. Honest moment; I used to be worse at checking voicemails.

Recently, I spent some time adventuring back through old and missed voice mails. As I jotted notes and numbers I came across a young lady named Amanda who left a voicemail inquiring about volunteering. Along with probably 20 other messages I took down her information and called her back. Below is my recollection of our conversation:

Amanda: Hello

Me: Is this Amanda?

Amanda: Yes

Me: Hey Amanda, this is Lisa Nene from Convoy of Hope and I was calling to talk to you about volunteering with us.

Amanda: Yeah, oh great. I was wondering how to get involved with Convoy of Hope. How did you know to call me?

Me: Well, I got your voice message that mentioned you and your kids wanted to get involved with Convoy.

Amanda: What voice mail? I haven’t left you a voice mail. I was just telling some people I work with that I wanted to get involved with Convoy, but didn’t know how.

Me: Really? This is Amanda right? Is your phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx?

Amanda then proceeded to tell me her number was one number off of what I had written down. How crazy is that? I receive a voice message, I finally listen to it, then I barely dial the wrong number and I get another young Amanda who’s been wanting to volunteer but didn’t know how.

Some may call this coincidence. I think there’s more to it, and if my shortcomings can accomplish God’s good plans, that’s awesome!

Phones and voice mails get more respect from me these days. I’m on the phone a lot and returning messages often. The phone has been the bridge between Convoy and hundreds of volunteers that come out weekly to Hands of Hope on Tuesday nights in our warehouse. Lately my phone has helped me coordinate volunteers in Colorado where we helped those devastated by the floods and in Springfield for a recent 5K.

Not everyone gets Amanda’s special treatment, you will likely have to contact us before we contact you. You can do so here. 

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