The Unsung Heroes of Convoy of Hope

From time to time I have the opportunity to speak to our staff about volunteers. Every chance I get, I jokingly tell the team I have the best job in the organization because I get to work with volunteers — the people who choose to be here. I get a little chuckle from the team, but the part about me having the best job in the organization is no joke.

Day in and day out, I get to work with people who selflessly give of their time and talents. It’s not about a volunteer just doing something that needs to be done. It’s about people being on the front lines of the ministry by working in the field, teaching others how to start their own businesses and grow their own food, answering our phones, and raising awareness about Convoy of Hope.

We have many types of partners, but one of the most important is our volunteer group. They step out of their comfort zone to help make the world a better place. These men and women aren’t afraid to go to a region of the world they know little about to help someone during their time of need. They come into our office every single week and assist with projects our staff couldn’t begin to do on their own. It would be virtually impossible to do the work we are blessed to do without the thousands of volunteers we engage every year.

It’s safe to say every single day I receive a call or email from a person wanting to be a volunteer at Convoy of Hope. The number of wonderful people in this world so willing to give is never lost on me. The compassion and love our volunteers have for people they don’t know is one of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed. It’s a selflessness, which takes them outside of their own needs or desires to help someone else.

This is my job — getting to talk with, work with, and fellowship with some of the most amazing people in the world. They are the ones who make it possible for Convoy of Hope to do what we do. These people — our Convoy of Hope volunteers — are really the unsung heroes.

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