Hope partners for good

We empower like-minded organizations that do good work among the poor and suffering in their communities. This is accomplished by providing such friends with food, water, supplies and much more.

Why Resource Others?

Convoy of Hope’s partners are crucial to our work responding to disasters, holding community outreaches and implementing life changing feeding initiatives throughout the world. Each year, corporations donate tens of millions of dollars’ worth of food and supplies to Convoy, which we then distribute throughout channels and partner organizations bent on making a difference in their communities.

Our Impact

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    $729,105,881 $729.11 m

    worth of food, water and relief supplies procured since 1994.
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    42,118,948 42.12 m

    pounds of food, water and relief supplies distributed in 2016.
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    $128,641,008 $128.64 m

    worth of food, water and relief supplies distributed in 2016.
  • 6

    international warehouses.
  • 12,237

    total loads delivered to date.

Our Approach

  • Gift-in-Kind Partners

    Partnerships with companies, organizations and other private donors that donate/provide excess product, services or inventory to assist Convoy of Hope in carrying out our goals of providing help and hope to people worldwide through our Children’s Feeding initiative, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing.

  • Corporate Partners

    With the support of our corporate partners, every dollar donated to Convoy of Hope is leveraged into more food, water and supplies for those who need it most.

  • Church Partners

    By connecting with churches nationwide and providing them an opportunity to partner with Convoy of Hope, tens of thousands of children are being fed regularly, people are being helped in times of disasters, and struggling families are helped at the organization’s community outreach events. Churches are vital to Convoy of Hope’s financial and volunteer base.

Erick Meier

Vice President of Supply Chain

Erick Meier leads a team that secures and moves product through our World-Distribution Center in Springfield, Missouri, to distribution points around the world. Whether it be for our disaster response work or for our community outreach events or for our children’s feeding sites in 11 countries, our supply chain is critical to our work to bring help and hope to those who are suffering or in need.

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