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For us, excellence means putting our heart into everything we do! For us, excellence means putting our heart into everything we do!

The Framework of Compassion: Excellence

It’s week three of our series exploring Convoy of Hope’s ten core values, our framework of compassion. Today, we strive for excellence.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines excellence as ‘extremely high quality’. That’s a fair, although rather vanilla, definition of excellence. Our definition of excellence is about how we serve those in need:

Providing a hungry child her first nutritious meal in months.

Handing the keys of a new home over to a storm survivor.

Teaching a mother in El Salvador skills to provide for her family.

What’s your definition of excellence? Whatever it is, make it happen. Even better, make it happen for someone else.




Serving others while expecting nothing in return Serving others while expecting nothing in return

The Framework Of Compassion: Service

Today we are continuing with the second week of our series covering Convoy of Hope’s ten core values, our framework of compassion. Last week we covered love. This week we are covering how we make love tangible, through service.

Famous English writer John Bunyan once said, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” This is the mentality we carry at Convoy of Hope when we think about service. Service is about giving and expecting nothing in return.

Like Bunyan, we think of service as a win-win situation. We are blessed with the opportunity to help someone in need as we experience a deep and lasting joy that reaches all parts of life.

This weekend we encourage you to serve someone you love and expect nothing in return. Clean their dishes. Fold their laundry. Show a little love through service!



The art of war — on hunger

A couple years ago, Scott and Janet Howard had the opportunity to travel with Convoy of Hope team members on a trip to Kenya. During the trip, the Howards visited a school in Nairobi and were led through the back gate into a slum.

A boy Janet noticed kneeled low in the dust; he had no food and no energy to get up off the ground. His suffering was burned into Janet’s mind; as she walked back into the school, she saw the happy, healthy face of a young girl enrolled in the Kenya Children’s Feeding Initiative.

There was such a difference in the countenance of the two children — she and Scott agreed right then to do whatever it took to help the children who lived outside those gates to become part of the feeding initiative. They became wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting our organization financially.

When Janet, a brilliant artist, returned home from the trip, she created oil paintings of the two children in Kenya and recently presented those as a gift to the organization. “The kneeling boy represents the face of despair,” Janet says. “The smiling girl represents the face of hope. The contrast of the two children shows the mission of Convoy of Hope in a despairing world.”

We’re grateful to the Howards for their beautiful gift, for their financial support and for recognizing our passion to feed children and transform lives.

Children's Feeding / Inspiration

The Framework of Compassion: Love

It’s that time of year and love is in the air. This week we are starting a series covering the ten core values driving us here at Convoy of Hope, our framework of compassion. What better value to start with than love? Love is a commodity only bound by our decisions, it is a choice to put others first. Love always hopes.
Love comes in so many shapes and sizes.  The love of a mother or father. The love between a brother and sister. The love between best friends. The love between a husband and wife. Even love between strangers — a love that truly inspires us at Convoy of Hope.

When a child in California sets up a lemonade stand and donates the money to Convoy of Hope, they’re sharing love with a child in Tanzania they will probably never meet. When a student volunteer helps pack bags of rice at our distribution center in Springfield, Mo., they’re loving a family in Haiti who can never say thank you. When a volunteer puts a comforting hand on the shoulder of a guest of honor at one of our community outreaches, they’re loving a stranger when they needed it most.


We want to encourage you to step out and show love to a stranger this weekend, you never know how badly they may need it!

Four girls from the Roma village near Dicanesti, Romania. Four girls from the Roma village near Dicanesti, Romania.

Hope to Dicanesti

After a bumpy ride through the rolling hills of Northwestern Romania, the Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) team ascends a steep road into a village outside Dicanesti. The rumble of the vehicle’s engine draws children who playfully welcome the team.

For the past three years, COHEU has partnered with churches in the area as part of its Adopt-a-Community Program, which fosters relationships between churches in the United States and impoverished communities across Europe, helping those who are poverty-stricken and hurting.

“We have partnered with churches from the Northeastern corner of the United States (Bethany Church from Wyckoff, N.J., and Bethlehem Assembly of God from Valley Stream, N.Y.),” says Albert Walsweer, chief operating officer of COHEU.  “In the past three years our teams have completed a wide array of tasks, ranging from laying a concrete foundation for a community center to the distribution of hygiene products. But on this trip we want to bring clean running water to this village.”

To do that, members of a local church borrowed a backhoe to dig a trench and lay pipe. It was a group effort that saw members of the visiting churches teaming with the members of local churches and community leaders. Today, the village has clean running water at the twist of a knob.

Field Story