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  • Convoy of Hope's International Disaster Services team is coordinating with local partners to aid thousands of people affected by ongoing crises throughout the world. Download
  • August 19, 2020 | 9:25 a.m.

    Springfield, Mo. Part of Convoy of Hope’s International Disaster Services focus includes responding to humanitarian crises around the world. From Yemen to Venezuela, we’re working alongside partners on the ground to provide tangible assistance to communities in crisis.

    At times, these crises are created by a natural disaster, but some are also man-made. Love and compassion go a long way drought has plagued a community for over a year or when families have been uprooted by war and conflict. These are just a few examples of real humanitarian issues that our International Disaster Services team have addressed.

    At a recent distribution in Cucuta, Colombia, a man we assisted was asked if his 14 hour journey from Venezuela to Colombia was worth the effort. His eyes welled up with tears and he said that what he had received in his food parcel that day would have cost him four months’ salary back home. It was worth it.

    There are mountains of details and work that go into each humanitarian intervention in which we strive to bring stability and hope. This map contains projects Convoy of Hope is currently engaged in around the world.

    When you partner with Convoy of Hope, you help provide assistance to individuals and families struggling due instability around the world. You can help bring help and hope in desperate times by donating at

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