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  • Destruction caused by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu. Download
  • Convoy of Hope Disaster Services Response team members Chris Dudley (left) and Ryan Grabill (right) inspect a water tank as they assess damage in Vanuatu. Download
  • A Vanuatuan man seeks clean water after Cyclone Pam struck the island nation, causing major damage to vital infrastructures. Download
  • A young Vanuatuan boy survived Cyclone Pam and is now facing difficult times ahead as much of the country’s infrastructure has been heavily damaged or destroyed. Download
  • Initial Convoy of Hope Response Team on the ground amongst widespread property damage and devastation in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Download
  • Destruction caused by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu. Download
  • A Vanuatuan man cleans debris after Cyclone Pam caused major destruction on the island nation. Download
  • March 25, 2015 | 3:00 PM

    Springfield, Mo.Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Response team in Vanuatu has distributed 18,000 pounds of rice on the hard-hit island of Tanna, with an additional 18,000 pounds set for distribution in the coming days. The team is purchasing the rice locally and closely monitoring the transportation and distribution of the staple. “In addition to providing much needed meals to storm survivors, we’re also prepping 4,000 hygiene kits for distribution on Tanna and Efate,” says Kary Kingsland, senior vice president. “Working with partners, we’re also constructing 22 hand-washing stations to help in limiting the spread of disease.” Stephen, a local pastor, was left hopeless after the storm, not knowing what to do to help his fellow countrymen. That changed when he encountered Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Response team. “My heart jumped because I knew somebody had seen that my people and I were in a bad situation,” he says. “Many people feel they are in a hopeless situation, but our hearts are lifted and we feel that someone cares for us.” According to Kingsland, rebuilding supplies are being prepped for shipment from the World Distribution Center in Springfield, Mo. “Many structures were damaged or destroyed,” he adds.

  • March 18, 2015 | 1:00 PM

    Springfield, Mo.Damage reports are slowly coming in due to the remoteness of the island chain and the lack of communications in the wake of the storm. The United Nations is reporting that 3,300 people are displaced. With a population of a little more than 220,000 in Vanuatu, that represents a significant portion of the population. “In addition to our team that is already on the ground in Vanuatu, we’ve dispatched another team from our headquarters in Springfield, Mo., to join them in the assessment efforts,” says Kary Kingsland, senior vice president. “It’s clear there are thousands of people who are needing immediate help and we’re looking at ways to meet those needs as soon as possible.” Kingsland adds that the Disaster Services team is focusing on four islands as points of impact. “On one island alone, 80 percent of the 7,500 homes have been partially or completely destroyed,” he says. Convoy of Hope has had a presence In Vanuatu in the past. A few years ago, we helped set up a medical clinic on one of the country’s remote islands. In doing so, we brought lifesaving services to families and children.

  • March 17, 2015 | 4:00 PM

    Springfield, Mo.On Tuesday, March 17, the first Disaster Services Response Team arrived in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Initial damage assessment has begun. On Wednesday, March 18, the second Disaster Services Response Team departs for Port Vila, Vanuatu.

  • March 14, 2015 | 12:00 PM

    Springfield, Mo.Convoy of Hope is sending a Disaster Services Response Team to the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu after Tropical Cyclone Pam caused major destruction and reportedly killed dozens. “We are offering our teams, help and assistance to our in-country partners,” says Kary Kingsland, senior vice president. Humanitarian-aid workers on Vanuatu have described "unbelievable destruction.” Though unconfirmed, several media outlets are also reporting that dozens have been killed. “There are outlying islands that may have taken the brunt of the storm,” adds Kingsland. “As when Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines we want to help ensure that no communities are overlooked and the best way to do that is to support and work closely with our in-country partners.” During Haiyan, Convoy of Hope provided emergency food, water and supplies to remote communities. In the months after the typhoon, teams helped rebuild 100 homes. Updates to the response can be found here.

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About The Disaster

Cyclone Pam swept across the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu on March 13, 2015, leaving considerable destruction in its path. Major destruction is heaviest in the eastern and southern most islands. Major infrastructure damage has taken out much of the power and communications for most of the islands.

Key Stats

  • Population of around 220,000
  • Archipelago comprised of about 65 inhabited islands in the South Pacific Ocean, most very remote and very rural.
  • As of March 17, 2015, the official death toll from the United Nations (UN) stands at 11.
  • 3,300 homeless survivors are currently being housed in UN shelters on three of the islands.
  • Caleb Lougheed

    Glad to see response efforts initiated! I’m with the Peace Corps Vanuatu group that was evacuated to Sydney and any on the ground updates are appreciated. Hoping to get back in to assist soon!

  • Lisa Pulsinelli-Vote

    Can anyone post or tell me what the status of Mystery Island is? We have a friend there and don’t know much of their situation as they are on a surrounding outlaying island. Prayers and updates as to what is being done would be appreciated as the media hasn’t covered this nearly at all.

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