Jess Heugel Reported By: Jess Heugel Story Curator Staff Poster

Honest is a part of the Maasai culture in Kenya. The Maasai have raised cattle for generations, but frequent droughts make their work difficult. When waters dry up, so does the cattle business.

Honest recognized his community needed a new way to earn money. So, when Convoy of Hope offered him agricultural training, he quickly took advantage. Honest learned farming techniques that enable him to conserve water — stabilizing his income even when nature doesn’t cooperate.

Switching from raising cattle to growing crops was a big change. Some of the Maasai didn’t like it at first, but his success is changing minds … and his work speaks a powerful truth. Honest nearly doubled his investment the first year alone.

After doing so well with his initial crop of cabbages, Honest dedicated an acre of land to grow carrots for Convoy of Hope. The harvest from that field is used in our local Children’s Feeding program — another resource in our mission to eliminate global hunger.

“I am delighted to help Convoy because I see the great work they do in Kenya,” Honest says. “They give us skills for things we never knew. Through that, we see God really cares for us all.”

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, thousands of lives are transformed the world over through Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture program. Lives like that of Honest — a man who has stayed true to his name.

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