Convoy of Hope Reported By: Convoy of Hope Department Poster

“My boat flipped upside down; the engine was destroyed. I could not go out to feed my family [any]more,” said Preston Tate, a professional fisherman in the Bahamas.

In August 2019, Hurricane Dorian pummeled the Bahamas for days as a Category 5 hurricane. The loss of life and property was catastrophic and cost many people their livelihoods.

The fishing industry that provides food for many living within the island nation was hit exceptionally hard. Thousands of boats were overtaken by the storm and destroyed, and those that were still intact no longer had working motors.

To meet these needs, Convoy of Hope partnered with Bass Pro Shops to provide engines and critical supplies to get the fishermen on their feet and back on the water.

“If it weren’t for you all, I don’t know how we would have made it. So thank God for you all,” said Preston.

Thank you for partnering with Convoy of Hope to provide hope for the people in the Bahamas and around the world. Together, we can offer help and hope in every storm.

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