Planes, Trains, and Semi Trucks: The Convoy of Hope team that really delivers

Twenty-five years ago, Convoy of Hope was just a few people with a desire to help others and a pickup truck full of groceries. Today, Convoy of Hope’s famous semitrailers drive hundreds of thousands of miles across the country each year, and we ship food and supplies to more than a dozen countries around the world. Growth like that takes a lot of heart, faith, and hard work by our Supply Chain team.

In the early days of Convoy of Hope, we didn’t know a lot about managing and coordinating facility operations and supplies. We had to learn as we went. We learned how to manage 10,000 square feet of leased warehouse space and a few trucks. When we moved into our 300,000 square foot World Distribution Center, we found ourselves in a whole new playing field.

We continued to learn, and the team grew. Our original crew of one or two people has grown into our current Supply Chain team of 21. They take care of the food, water, and supplies we give out and make sure it all gets to people in need. 

This year, Ginger attended a Convoy of Hope Community Event in Cleveland, Ohio. She went because she needed shoes for her children, but found so much more. “If you have a need for one thing, probably you have a need for two or three other things,” Ginger said. “I really appreciate it.” Those shoes and groceries would never have made it to Ginger and her family without the help of the Supply Chain staff who acquired the goods, packaged them, and delivered them to Cleveland.

Thanks to incredible partners and supporters, Convoy of Hope is bringing in and sending out more product than ever before. In the last 10 years, our yearly Gift-in-Kind (GIK) has increased by nearly $100 million. 

Over the years, our Supply Chain team has fine-tuned their processes and implemented new systems to increase efficiency and make it possible to serve more and more people. They’ve even received awards for their work, such as High Jump’s Customer Innovation Award for Stand-Out Business Benefits in 2018.

Convoy of Hope has served millions of people in the last 25 years and distributed more than $1 billion worth of food and supplies. That would never have been possible without the incredible men and women who work each day to make sure the hope our partners and supporters provide gets to the people who need it most. 

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25 Stories That Shaped Convoy of Hope / Staff Spotlight

Hope for the Holidays

As 2019 comes to a close, families around the world are preparing for the upcoming holiday season. For many of the 200,000 children in Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program, the hope found in a warm bowl of food each day may be the only gift they receive. The support they receive from supporters like you is what makes the holidays so special.

Nine-year-old Olvin is one of the 11,000 children whom Convoy feeds in Honduras. When he’s not caring for his chickens or attending classes, he is most likely playing soccer with his friends. But the thing he loves most about going to school?

“The food is good!” Olvin says. “Sometimes they give us soup. They give us rice and eggs, too.”

Through Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding program, Olvin receives the nutritious meals he needs to stay healthy and focused. Since starting the program in Honduras in 2011, Convoy of Hope has partnered with more than 100 Honduran communities.

While many are preparing shopping lists and putting up Christmas trees, Olvin’s family is looking forward to their own holiday traditions.

Olvin lives at home with his parents and two younger brothers. His father works long hours, and his mother, Ivania, runs a small business that Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment program helped her start. For them, the added support they receive from Convoy has been the glimmer of hope they desperately needed.

“Normally, we can’t give the kids gifts for Christmas,” says Ivania. “But this year, we will be able to give them gifts.”

Like many families, Olvin’s is looking forward to the Christmas season, because everyone is together and they attend church as a family. Ivania loves to prepare the holiday menu, which includes chicken, rice, potatoes, and bread.

“This year is going to be different from other years, though,” Ivania says. “This year, they will get new clothes for Christmas, and I can add a little something to the menu.”

As Convoy of Hope looks back on the last 25 years, we are humbled to be a part of empowering so many families and their communities. While many will struggle to keep food on the table this holiday season, Convoy of Hope continues to fight for the poor and suffering in hopes that families everywhere can “add a little something to the menu.”

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25 Stories That Shaped Convoy of Hope / Children's Feeding

Dedicated to Honoring Veterans

An elderly man approached the Veterans Services area at a recent Convoy of Hope Community Event. As he spoke with one of our volunteers, he shared that he had been a part of the Army National Guard for 34 years but had never been enrolled in VA care. The volunteer sat him down, assisted him with filling out the necessary paperwork, and helped him turn it in for processing. This veteran will now receive the assistance he needs for his heath, vision, and hearing.

Convoy of Hope believes the sacrifice of veterans should be honored. That’s why we dedicate an area for veterans and their families at most every Community Event we hold. We pair every veteran or veteran family member with a guide who provides one-on-one assistance and makes sure the guest connects with the services they need. Below is list of organizations that help make our Veterans Services area a success:

American Legion Red Cross Veterans
Community College Training Programs (Grant Recipients) Regional Veterans Service Officers
College VA Services Supportive Services for Veterans’ Families
Elks V.A. Homeless Housing
Existing Stand Downs V.A. Medical Services (including mobile units)
Goodwill Veterans Job & Career Assistance V.A. Re-Invigoration Programs
Hiring Our Heroes Vet Center
Local Career Centers – V.A. Rep Warriors Journey
Local Veterans Organizations & Charities Best Serving Veterans

We are thankful for the role veterans play in communities all over the United States, and we recognize their service and sacrifice this Veterans Day.

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Community Outreach / Field Story / Volunteering

Beyond the Meal: Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture Program

Convoy of Hope has been feeding families for 25 years, but our mission has never just been about filling stomachs — it’s about transforming communities. When we started our Children’s Feeding program, we knew it couldn’t stop there. We wanted to move beyond the meal, towards sustainability. That’s how our Agriculture program began. 

Dr. Jason Streubel, affectionately known as Dr. Dirt, joined our team in 2011and began transforming the way we looked at agriculture in our international work.

“Agriculture touches every aspect of existence,” Jason says.

What started as one farmer in Haiti with a garden behind his house has now transformed into a co-op with hundreds of farmers, an agriculture education in schools, and a training program that helps pastors pass on agricultural skills to their congregations. 

“Agriculture helps us tap into families as a whole,” says Convoy of Hope’s Senior Director of International Program Partner Relations Kevin Rose. 

Now we have a whole team of agriculture experts working to develop new and lasting ways to break the cycle of poverty in communities around the world. Since our Agriculture program’s implementation, more than 23,000 people have received some form of formal agriculture education through Convoy of Hope in eight countries.

As our program expands, it is interacting with several of our other initiatives. After Cyclone Idai decimated parts of southeast Africa, thousands of families found their homes and their crops destroyed. While our team distributed relief supplies to meet immediate needs, one of our International Disaster Services staff members and agriculture experts, Chris Groh, distributed fast-growing corn seed. This helped families to quickly get back on their feet after the disaster. 

Our Agriculture efforts have also found their way stateside in conjunction with our Community Events. Not only do we hand out gardens-in-a-bag at our events — which offers working families seeds and instructions to create a home garden — but our team is working with partners in Flint, Michigan, to build community gardens. 

Food security is crucial for families around the world. When we help communities increase their food security, it transforms the lives of countless people, lifting them out of dependency. You can learn more about our Agriculture program at

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25 Stories That Shaped Convoy of Hope / Agriculture