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Hope Society

You sustain our mission and secure their future.
What is Hope Society?

What is Hope Society?

The Hope Society is a select group of committed donors who recognize the wisdom of looking ahead; and want to ensure that Convoy of Hope’s mission will be sustained and that our future is secure. Donors do this by including Convoy of Hope in their estate plans as the beneficiary of a bequest or other planned gift. These planned gifts become an additional source of financial support for Convoy of Hope—one we can count on realizing in the future. Hope Society membership is open to donors who use planned giving to include Convoy of Hope as a beneficiary in their estate plans, or who make a life income gift.

What are planned gifts?

WHAT are planned gifts?

Planned gifts include bequests, life insurance proceeds and retirement assets which are conveyed to Convoy of Hope at the time a donor’s estate is settled. Life income gifts, such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, are special gift vehicles that provide donors with lifetime payments as well as potential tax advantages. Convoy of Hope receives the balance of the annuity or trust upon donor’s death. A planned gift is an attractive option for many donors because it allows them to make a more significant gift from protected assets.

What are the benefits?

WHAT ARE the benefits?

Members of the Hope Society make a lasting contribution to Convoy of Hope’s long-term success. Their legacy gifts stand as a testimony to their generosity and inspire others to consider the impact of philanthropic giving.

Hope Society membership includes:
  • Opportunities/Invitations to participate in Signature Community Events
  • Opportunities/Invitations to participate in Hope Experience events
  • Opportunities/Invitations to an annual luncheon and other special events and seminars
  • Subscription to the Hope Quarterly
  • Special recognition in Annual Donor Report and in our World Distribution Center*

*Donors may request to remain anonymous

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