$200,000 Raised Through Dancember

Over the weekend YouTube Stars, Judy and Benji Travis, set out to raise $200,000 for Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding Initiative through their Dancember campaign. The 24-hour-live broadcast started strong Friday at 3 p.m.(PST) with more than $50,000 that had been raised leading up to the event.

The live broadcast featured dancing, lip-syncing and special guests to encourage viewers to donate and learn more about Convoy. For every $5,000 raised, the Dancember team danced to celebrate.

Before the 24-hour-live broadcast was over, the team had raised more than $200,000 which came in from viewers around the world.

“When Benji said our goal for this year was $200,000, it seemed impossible,” Judy said as she reflected on the event. “But I said, ‘let’s try it’ and we hit it. It’s overwhelming.”

With tens of thousands of viewers at any given time, we know the event was only a success because of the Dancember team, and all those who tuned in, donated and shared the event with their friends.

“We want to thank everyone that participated in Dancember,” says Kirk Noonan, vice president of Creative Communications for Convoy of Hope. “Especially the Travis’ family for their generosity to help us bring hope to kids throughout the world.”

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