Her wide smile was one of hundreds that came out of the children's face-painting area in the Kids Zone. Her wide smile was one of hundreds that came out of the children's face-painting area in the Kids Zone.

Contagious Hope in Sioux City

When someone asks me what Convoy of Hope does I tell them about how we feed more than 126,000 children around the world, respond to disasters and hold community outreaches. The first two are self-explanatory, the third typically requires some explaining.

Everybody on staff, especially those on our communications team, have their own unique spin on describing community outreaches. I describe the events as anywhere from 500 to 2,000 local volunteers serving anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 of their neighbors with helpful services like haircuts, family portraits, groceries, workforce development, shoes and more. Hope is contagious, I explain, and when we leave a community there are thousands of guests of honor and volunteers who’ve become carriers.

The Convoy Sioux City recently brought together 1,014 volunteers from 85 different churches and organizations who served 5,774 guests of honor with medical services, career services, haircuts, family portraits, groceries, family fun and more.

Some of the ripples from this event began on day one. Several hundred bags of groceries were left over after all of the guests of honor had been served. So, local volunteers in coordination with our staff began making immediate connections with local food banks in Sioux City who will continue to spread hope.

“And that was the whole plan,” says Jean Logan, director of the Community Action Agency that received some of the extra groceries. “It all stayed here in Siouxland and went back into the community.”

Logan does a swell job of explaining “the whole plan” of our community outreaches … it all goes back into the community.

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