Winning with Beans in Haiti

Last week was historic for beans in Haiti. In partnership with Mission of Hope, a program partner in Haiti, our agronomy staff there has been working closely with farmers to increase crop yield in Turpin and Z’Oranje. Specifically in these regions we have focused on black bean production and our labors are bearing much fruit … or beans.

A group of 24 farmers approached our staff about the possibility of negotiating a large sale of black beans for our Children’s Feeding Initiative. In conjunction with the local church and farmers, our staff bought 8,250 lbs. of black beans. Throughout the discussion it was very important to all parties to ensure all aspects of local economy and markets were only positively impacted.

According to my math, these beans will contribute to almost 24,000 nutrient-rich meals, an ideal combination of protein, fiber and micronutrients, to the children in the initiative. That’s worth celebrating and congratulations are in order for our local agronomist, Manasse Mercilus, and his team who make progress toward local food security possible.

The local farmer wins, the local economy wins, the child wins and Haiti’s future wins.

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