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Veterans Day: Honoring those who have served

Later this month, Convoy of Hope will launch a Veterans Services tent at our Community Event in Las Vegas. This project is near to my heart, as my father died when I was just two years old while serving in the Vietnam War.

Convoy of Hope has recruited the assistance of local organizations and agencies to partner with us to offer support and resources to veterans at these events. We also encourage volunteers at the event to keep the momentum going in their city past the event by honoring veterans regularly.

We encourage you to look at the list below and see how you can honor those who have served and risked their lives for our freedom.

  • Say “thank you.”  It’s such a small, simple gesture but can mean a lot.
  • Place flowers or flags on the graves of veterans.
  • Volunteer at a VA Hospital or at your local veteran organizations.
  • Send a care package.
  • When you see a soldier boarding your fully booked flight, offer them your window or aisle seat.
  • If you are a manager or work in HR, hire a veteran.
  • Send a “thank you” note to someone you know has and/or is serving in the armed forces.
  • Attend a Veteran’s Day parade.
  • Ask students to create “thank you” posters and put them up around town for veterans to see.
  • Help modify homes for wounded veterans that need ramps, handrails, etc.

We are excited to offer the Veterans Services area at each event we do in the future.  We will continue to do whatever we can for veterans and their families who have done so much for us.

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National Breast Cancer Foundation: Helping Women Now

National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is Helping Women Now®, and it is a true honor to partner with Convoy of Hope to achieve that mission. Just as Convoy started from a foundation of gratitude among the Donaldson family, NBCF was founded because our CEO, Janelle Hail, was thankful for the role early detection played in her breast cancer survival and wanted other women to have access to the same resources. Today, we serve women in all 50 states.

Through Convoy of Hope events, we equip guests with our best tool — an Early Detection Plan — to be proactive about their own breast health. We know moms are so busy taking care of their kids that they don’t always take care of themselves. Never is this truer than among single moms — who represent a large share of Convoy’s guests. We try to create a safe space where a guest can put herself first, even if only for a few moments. At each event, we meet women who tell us they didn’t know where to turn for this support, which reminds us we are making a difference.

None of the things “we” achieve at these events would be possible without the generous volunteers, especially the Team Leaders, who give so tirelessly — even in cold/hot/rainy weather — to be our “boots on the ground” delivery partners. One of those volunteers, Ingrid Nash, even took her passion for promoting early detection all the way to Africa!

We are so grateful for our partnership with Convoy of Hope. It began in 2012 with eight events, serving 5,158 women, and together in 2015, we’re reaching 13,500 women at fourteen events. Giving hope is as much a blessing for those who give as it is for those who receive. Thank you for joining us in #HelpingWomenNow!

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Community Outreach / Partner Spotlight / Program Updates
Guests of Honor line up for groceries and other helpful services at a recent community outreach in Leesburg, Va. Guests of Honor line up for groceries and other helpful services at a recent community outreach in Leesburg, Va.

Convoy of Hope in Leesburg

At every one of our Community Outreach events, we hold a Friday Night Rally for the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of volunteers who will help with the event the following day. At a recent rally for Convoy of Hope in Leesburg, Va., as a video about Convoy of Hope was playing, a young man named Justin texted a question to his family across the country, asking if they had ever heard of Convoy of Hope. His family was located in Joplin, Mo., and had been directly affected by the tornado that ravaged the community in 2011. Convoy of Hope helped feed this family for weeks after the tragedy. It turns out that this young man and his dad had simply volunteered to serve at this event and it became exponentially more meaningful to them when they realized that Convoy of Hope had helped their family in a time of disaster. Now, they were able to help give back through an organization that had given so much to their extended family in Joplin.

The next day, Justin was one of 700 volunteers who served the more than 3,000 people that came to the Community Outreach in Leesburg to receive real help and hope. Mobile Hope was present with an RV on site and served over 500 people with clothing for kids and teenagers who are homeless or experience home insecurity. Walgreens showed up with flu shots and administered over 200 of them. This was a perfect picture of how a community can come together to serve their neighbors with contagious hope. The Convoy Leesburg showed the potential of what people do when they receive hope and look to return it to others.

The Convoy Leesburg Quick Facts:

Volunteers: 664

Guests of Honor: 3085

Churches and Organizations: 46

Haircuts: 165

Family Portraits: 550

Walgreens Flu Shots: 200


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Community Outreach / Program Updates