Hope in Every Harvest

Through our Agriculture program, Convoy of Hope equips vulnerable farmers and families with the skills, tools, and seeds they need to produce life-sustaining crops. Tens of thousands of meals are harvested each year for our Children’s Feeding program, which simultaneously generates income for local farmers.

Why Agriculture?

Food security is crucial for communities and families around the world. When we help farmers increase the food security of their communities and families, we can play a part in transforming the lives of countless people by lifting them out of dependency.

Our Agricultural program was piloted in Haiti, where farmers didn’t have access to best management practices. After being trained in agronomy, farmers in the program now grow their own crops and help sustain our children’s feeding efforts in Haiti.

We’re also educating schools, churches, and orphanages around the world on how to start and maintain their own urban gardens.

Our Impact

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    23036 23,036

    participants trained in agriculture to date.
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    new participants in 2018.
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    individuals trained in agriculture in 2018.
  • 3,492

    schools that have received agriculture training.
  • 8

    countries in which we train farmers.

Our Approach

  • Assessment

    We use the best tools available to assess the local culture, context of living environments, and the economic situation to understand the real food security needs in the local community.

  • Education

    We educate farmers through curriculum, workshops, and local agronomist and technicians. We strive to take the best science to the farmers. As we make agronomy education available, we also increase the information flow to as many in the community as possible.

  • Implementation

    This program strives to assist farmers in implementing the best agronomic practices in both pilot and large-scale projects.

Jason Streubel, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Agriculture & Food Security

Jason Streubel, aka “Dr. Dirt,” joined our team in 2011. He holds a Ph.D. in soil science from Washington State University. He has built numerous agriculture projects customized to the needs in the areas we serve. Jason believes that ending poverty depends heavily on food security and locally sustainable agriculture solutions.

Locally-Grown Meals

Our Agriculture work is not just about helping farmers. It’s also about feeding children. Our work in Haiti is a perfect example. Since 2012, we’ve trained nearly 5,000 farmers on the island nation in best management practices for culturally relevant agriculture. Last year, that work culminated in 1,263,489 meals for our Children’s Feeding program — locally grown in Haiti from farmers we’ve worked with and trained.

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