Hope Begins with a Meal

Feeding children nutritious meals opens doors to provide them and their families with education, clean water, job and agricultural training, a sense of hope and much more. Currently, more than 177,000 children are fed in the Philippines, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Lebanon, South Africa and Tanzania.

*As of 12/31/2017

Why Feed Children?

Convoy of Hope wants to see lives changed as we promote healthy children and communities that are free from poverty and hunger. Many of the children enrolled in our program have their only meal of the day at school — a meal provided by Convoy and our numerous partners.

We believe that children are essential members of their communities who can, one day, become leaders who bring positive change to their countries by breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger.  To accomplish our goal, we use the daily meal as a starting point to build strong, loving communities that have clean water, healthy living environments, education and livelihood opportunities.

Our Impact

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    children enrolled in Children’s Feeding program.
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    countries where we feed children.
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    family members who benefited from take-home rations in 2017.
  • $120

    amount needed (on average) to provide nutritious meals for a child for an entire school year through Convoy.
  • 991

    total program centers.

Our Approach

  • Nutritious Meals

    We provide nutritious meals and monitor the health and growth of children each day in far-flung places such as El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Nepal and Lebanon. We implement appropriate sustainability programs based on the needs represented in each country.

  • Clean and Safe Water

    Clean water is life sustaining. That’s why Convoy of Hope has committed to the collection of water, distribution of water filtration systems, and training and equipping local partners where safe water is not available.

  • Healthy Living Environments

    Dangerous structures and improper sanitation can derail a child’s life. We create healthy living environments by teaching appropriate sanitation practices, completing school rehabilitation projects and showing locals how to build proper latrines.

Kevin Rose

Senior Director of Children’s Feeding

Kevin Rose joined the team in 2009 and was instrumental to our response to the 7.0 Haiti earthquake in January 2010. Since, Rose has helped enrollment in the Children’s Feeding initiative scale from less than 20,000 children to more than 145,000.


feedONE is a passionate, creative community dedicated to eradicating hunger one person at a time. We believe if the emerging generation is unleashed to solve the world’s great challenges, they will produce a whole new world. The world is rich with complex problems ranging from conflict to disease, and the way forward is not always clear. However, we believe when it comes to one of mankind’s most fundamental needs, the solution is clear; let’s all just feedONE other person.

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