Hope for rural America.

We resource, empower and partner with rural churches through training, mentoring and coaching so they can enhance their presence in, and help strengthen, their communities. The strategy works best when church leaders partner with other community leaders and stakeholders.

Why Rural Communities?

We are determined to help our neighbors in rural communities because it is in those communities where poverty and hunger have gained a devastating edge. For instance, there are approximately 250 consistently poor counties in the United States — 244 of those are rural. Such poverty traps children in a cycle that prevents them from receiving quality education, nutrition and health care. We find that unacceptable and will continue to work tirelessly to bring positive change to rural communities throughout the United States.

Our Impact

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    Local churches and organizations involved in 2015.
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    Pairs of shoes received by rural public schools to date.
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    School kits distributed to rural public schools in 2015.
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    U.S. states served.
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    Years serving rural communities.

Our Approach

  • Partnering

    Rural Compassion depends on partnerships with community leaders, local organizations and churches in rural communities to reach out to those less fortunate.

  • Training

    By training, equipping and empowering local pastors and community leaders to be more effective leaders in their communities we believe lasting change will take place throughout the nation. Training sessions have been held at our World-Distribution Center in Springfield, Mo., and in rural communities across the nation.

Steve Donaldson

Senior Director of Rural Compassion and Co-Founder

Steve Donaldson, one of Convoy of Hope’s co-founders, has been dedicated to training leaders in rural communities since 2003. Steve believes that the future of America depends heavily on the health of rural areas and he’s gathered a team of experts who are actively working with a network of local pastors and community leaders to bring hope to America’s heartland.

School Backpacks

Rural Compassion partners with local schools and churches to provide backpacks, filled with school supplies, for students in impoverished, rural areas. By providing the backpacks to local churches and organizations, these groups become part of the solution for their community.

Hope for Rural America.